Why being a developer in Italy sux

Today I run across a job advertisement here in Italy for a full-time position of java web developer in a "leading business solutions company" (as they said...).

The requirements include (but were not limited to):

  • 3+ years of Java EE and software implementation best practices (like... write comment over methods?).
  • The evergreen web-related bullshits (js, jquery, html, css, jsp, servlet, etc.) and name-appealing architecture (SOA?).
  • Deep knowledge of never-really-applied MVC paradigm, algorithm optimization, memory managament, and such.
  • Some random frameworks at pleasure.
  • A bunch of random application servers and DB, just to be sure.
  • Be able to design and optimize some well known DBSM (what? DBA? Naa we have developers for that) and of course all ORM related.
  • The unavoidable Unix knowledge to work with Java and, especially, with MS SQL Server.
  • Random stuff always present in those ads.
  • Excellent english and some arab if possible. You never know who you'll cross.
  • And, of course, bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science or related, becausewe love geeks.

With all these requirements the salary cannot be too bad, won't it?


Well... 1000€ net monthly.

Ah, did I mention that this is for a 6 month lenght contract?

Yes, being a developer in Italy sux.