Hi I am Massimiliano, born in Italy, but currently living in Dublin.

Since I was a child I have been intrigued by computer and technology. My first videogames ran on the Commodore 64 where I still remember its blue screen and white READY word. I started programming out of curiosity during high school, making simple programs and games. That hobby quickly became my main activity.

I enrolled for Computer Engineering at the University of Padua, where I took the master degree with a thesis on computer security in a healthcare information system.

In those same years I started playing the guitar quickly becaming my main hobby. I took lessons for about 6 years after which I have founded a band with some friends and play some live concerts for a bunch of years, before disbanding due to lack of time. After that, I decided to move to a more "personal" hobby, which I am currently practicing in my spare time: photography. Some of my works are available in this very website or on my Flickr channel.

As soon as i graduated I started to work full time in different software houses as a Software Developer Engineer, the most notable (and currently) of which is Amazon Web Service in Dublin.

I am trying to keep this website alive, writing some thoughts and articles on the software development, but mostly you will find updates on the photos section.

I hope you will enjoy some of my work and maybe find some of them even usefull.

Keep in mind that all the photos are protected by copyright, so please contact me if you want to use them.

Thank you and enjoy your visit.